1. Kuya Sessions: Sol
    Liquid Bloom, Porangui

  2. Wacomaya (ft. Ronnã Yawa)
    Liquid Bloom, Savej

  3. Fire Gathering (DISSØLV Remix) feat. Poranguí
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, DISSØLV

  4. Fragrance Regenerated
    Liquid Bloom, Bloomurian

  5. Fragrance
    Liquid Bloom, Bloomurian, Snow Raven

  6. Lucidity Festival 2023 Liquid Bloom DJ Set

  7. Envision 2023 Dj Sets

  8. Kuya Sessions: Cura Remixes
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí

  9. Kuya Sessions: Akasha
    Liquid Bloom & Poranguí

  10. Kuya Sessions: Samadhi
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí

  11. Kuya Sessions: Cura
    Liquid Bloom & Poranguí

  12. Breath: Portal to Stillness
    Desert Dwellers & Various Artists

  13. The Mycelium is Remixed
    Liquid Bloom & PERE, Featuring Paul Stamets

  14. The Mycelium is Listening
    Liquid Bloom & PERE, Featuring Paul Stamets

  15. Olorum Dub Mixes
    Poranguí, Liquid Bloom, Shaman's Dream

  16. The Electrical Biome (Liquid Bloom & PERE Remix)
    Liquid Bloom, PERE, Deya Dova

  17. Azuma Jishi feat Madi Sato (Nhii Remix)
    Liquid Bloom & PERE

  18. Remembrance
    For the Good of All (Vylana, Aubrey Marcus, Porangui, Liquid Bloom, Eric Zang)

  19. Remembrance Soundscapes
    For the Good of All (Vylana, Aubrey Marcus, Poranguí, Liquid Bloom, Eric Zang)

  20. All Related (Fantastic Fungi Mix)
    Nessi Gomes, Liquid Bloom

  21. Cielo Aya (ft Gracia Maria)
    Savej & Liquid Bloom

  22. Cielo Aya Remixes
    Savej & Liquid Bloom, Dissølv, Equanimous

  23. Temple Gateways (DJ Taz Rashid Yoga Mix)
    Liquid Bloom, Shamans Dream, DJ Taz Rashid

  24. Keepers of the Fire
    Various Artists

  25. Afar (Tylepathy Remixes)
    Liquid Bloom, PERE

  26. Afar Remixed
    Liquid Bloom & PERE

  27. Afar
    Liquid Bloom & PERE

  28. Pájaro Azul (Jamie Stevens Remixes)
    Liquid Bloom & PERE

  29. Rise Up Remix (Feat Paul Stamets & Bloomurian)
    Shamans Dream & Liquid Bloom

  30. Abakwa (Future Roots Mix)
    Shaman's Dream, Liquid Bloom, Poranguí

  31. Tylepathy Remixes - One With Nature
    Liquid Bloom, Tylepathy

  32. Interbeing
    Liquid Bloom, TRIBONE

  33. Peyote Canyon
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí

  34. Corazón de Gaia
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Spice Traders

  35. Anima Mundi
    Liquid Bloom, Spice Traders

  36. Regreso al Agua
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí

  37. Ayé Yewo
    Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, & Spice Traders

  38. ReGen: Ambient Meditations

  39. ReGen: Deep Ambient Remixes

  40. Vajra Mind: Meditative Soundscapes
    Various Artists

  41. DJ Set @ Rhythm Sanctuary - Ecstatic Dance (Jan 2nd 2020)

  42. ReGen: Mose Remixes

  43. ReGen: AtYyA Remixes

  44. ReGen: Lucid Remixes

  45. ReGen: Drumspyder Remixes

  46. Whispers of Our Ancestors Remixes

  47. Re.Generations

  48. Heart of the Shamans

  49. The Face of Love

  50. Shaman's Eye

  51. Ayahuasca Remixed

  52. Poranguí Remixes Vol I


Liquid Bloom Boulder, Colorado

Liquid Bloom is a music project led by Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers. It combines ambient, world, and psychedelic elements to craft a captivating sound that is both meditative and energizing. Whether live or in the studio, Liquid Bloom aims to create a healing and transformative sonic experience, imbuing each track with enchantment and awe. ... more


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