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ReGen: AtYyA Remixes

by Liquid Bloom

Lyrics Written by Poranguí w/ adaptations from Tierra Mi Cuerpo (PD) for Liquid Bloom Languages: Kichwa, Quechua & Spanish Fuego mi espíritu Willka Nina Nina Tai Tai Inti Taki Takimuyki Sinchi Sinchi Espiritito Sinchi Sinchi Ta Ta Fuego Yariri Yaririri... tierra mi cuerpo agua mi sangre aire mi aliento y el fuego mi espíritu (x3) iluminando la oscuridad la luna ascendiendo y la selva vestida de plata aquí en sus brasas ardientes recuerdo quien yo soy aquí en sus brasas ardientes recuerdo a dónde voy todo iluminado todo transformado gracias Ta Ta Fuego gracias abuelito mi alma ascendiendo (repeat x2) English Translation Fire my Spirit Sacred Fire Grandfather Sun I come to you singing Strength (strength) Spirit/Soul Strength (strength) Grandfather Fire Yariri Yaririri... earth my body water my blood air my breath & Fire my Spirit illuminate the darkness the moon ascends and the jungle is dressed in silver Here in your fiery embers I remember who I am Here in your fiery embers I remember where I'm going everything illuminated everything transformed thank you Grandfather Fire thank you grandfather my Soul ascends
Otorongo, Otorongo Chinchay waya (x2) Sueños,Sueños, Sueños, Otorongo (x2) Camina con migo (x2). (WEST) Apuchina, Apuchina Chollo Wayra (x2) Besos, Besos, Besos Apuchina (x2) Baila con migo (x2). (EAST) Serwakenti Serwakenti, Anti Wayra (x2) Besos, Besos, Besos, Serwakenti (x2) Vuela con migo (x2) (NORTH) Sachamama, Sachamama, Kunti wayra (x2) Sueños, Sueños, Sueños Sachamama (x2) Sueña con migo (x2) (SOUTH) Translation: Jaguar Chinchay waya; Jaguar dreams; Walk with me. (WEST) Sister Condor, Brother Eagle; Condor kisses; Dance with me. (EAST) Hummingbird, Ancestors; Hummingbird kisses; Fly with me. (NORTH) Serpent, Kunti wayra; Serpent kisses; Dream with me. (SOUTH)
Yo soy de la tierra Yo soy de las estrellas Yo soy de pachamama y yo vivo en mi corazón Raíces fuertes Raices profundas raíces siempre en la pachamama Abuelita, madrecita, cura cura abuelita madrecita cura mi corazón Abuelito tabaquito cura cura Abuelito tabaquito cura mi corazón Mi corazon, mi corazon, mi corazon zon zon zon zon... English: I am of the earth, I am of the stars. I am of Pachamama, and I live in my heart. Strong roots, deep roots, roots always in Pachamama. Grandmother, sweet mother, heal. Grandmother, sweet mother, heal my heart. Grandfather, smoke prayers, heal. Grandfather, smoke prayers, heal my heart.
Lyrics sung by Ixchel Prisma and adapted from Icaro “Ayahuasca TakiMuyki” written by Don José Campos Mama ayahuasca, I am singing to you. (x2) Your Medicine is always clear. It leaves my body sweeter. Ayahuasca from the mountains/hills I am singing to you (x2) Your Medicine is always clear. It leaves my body sweeter. First Blossom ayahuasca I am singing to you ... Your Medicine is always clear. It leaves my body sweeter. (x2) Healer ayahuasca I am singing to you ... Your Medicine is always clear. It leaves my body sweeter. (x2)


In early 2017, Amani Friend re-envisioned selections from his rich Liquid Bloom catalog to deliver new downtempo compositions into a contemporary electronic space. Subsequent to that Re.Generations release, Canadian producer AtYyA selected seven of the album's tracks to put his own spin on them.

Crafting whole new worlds around Liquid Bloom collaborators Poranguí, Deya Dova, Ixchel Prisma, Numatik, Rara Avis, and more, Tyler Clark generously imbues his signature tribal tonic into these works, for a mysterious and pulsing fresh spin on these re-imaginings -- one that balances the lightness of Amani Friend's remixes with an intriguing, contrasting darkness.

Never before have Black Swan and Desert Trax released an entire remix pack by one artist taking on another. This is truly a look behind the curtain at two innovative and truly groundbreaking artists.


released July 31, 2017

All tracks remixed by Tyler Clark (aka AtYyA)
original tracks produced by Amani Friend
Ensañame original produced by Summit Jaffe

Amani Friend – didg, synths, shakers, percussion, jaw’s harp, nature
Deya Dova - ancient songline vocals [3]
Poranguí - medicine vocals, berimbau, percussion, ngoni [1, 3]
Robert Mirabal - native vocals & Taos flute [4, 5, 6, 7]
Ixchel Prisma - medicine vocals [2, 4, 5, 6]
Rara Avis - overtone chanting & spoken word [1, 2, 6, 7]
Natalia Clavier of Thievery Corporation - vocals [2]
Sahuna Love of Shamans Dream - conga drums [1, 3, 4, 7]
Sarah West - angelic female vocals [7]
Darma Friend – Shamanic Voice [7]
Michael Kott – cello [1, 4, 7]
Aum Prakash - charango guitar, whistles [4]
David Brown of Rising Appalachia - acoustic guitar [2]
Biko Casini of Rising Appalachia - percussion [2]
Trey Crispen – percussion [2]

Mastered by Gregor at GZ Mastering
Visionary Medicine Art by Luis Tamani
Graphic Design by Gonzalo Rescalvo
© and (p) Global Dragon (ASCAP)

All rights to the master recording licensed exclusively to:
Black Swan Sounds | www.blackswansounds.com


all rights reserved



Liquid Bloom Boulder, Colorado

Liquid Bloom is a music project led by Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers. It combines ambient, world, and psychedelic elements to craft a captivating sound that is both meditative and energizing. Whether live or in the studio, Liquid Bloom aims to create a healing and transformative sonic experience, imbuing each track with enchantment and awe. ... more


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